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Ep. 300: Amy S. Peele on How to Keep Your Writing Top of Mind

Ep. 300

In this, the three-hundredth episode of How Do You Write, Rachael talks about how happy she is to be here, and shares how she turned her own writing around. Then she talks to Amy S. Peele RN, who is the award-winning, best-selling author of Cut and Match, medical mysteries with a mission and a side of humor. 

Before becoming a writer Amy enjoyed a fascinating 35-year career in the organ transplant field which provides an authentic backdrop to her books. She learned early on in her medical career that humor was an important survival skill and studied improvisation at the world premier school, Second City, in Chicago. Amy currently resides in San Francisco, close to the Golden Gate Bridge, where she loves to swim, teach chair yoga and meditate. She was recently elected to the Novato City Council where she’s discovering a new population of folks who may find their way into being her literary victims.

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