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Ep. 271: Cassie Roma on on How to LOVE the Blank Page

Ep. 271

Cassie Roma is a powerhouse in the boardroom, in front of a camera, and speaking in front of local & global audiences on business & personal topics that impassion her.Passionate about creative content, social media strategy, the influencer economy, and storytelling across mediums both emerging and traditional, Cassie has literally lived & breathed the digital revolution. All the while steering the social media & digital storytelling ships for brands like Air New Zealand, and ANZ bank. She is the world's first queer woman to have a starring turn on The Apprentice Aotearoa as an executive advisor to the CEO on national television. She is a published writer, author, podcaster, videographer, content creator, keynote speaker, TEDx alumni, event & conference MC, occasional blogger, mentor, Momma, Wife, and full-time #KindnessWarrior. And, after 18 years in New Zealand, this Californian counts herself as a proud AmeriKiwi. Her book, F*ck You Marketing: PS I Love You is out now. 

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