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Ep. 185: Should I Look for an Agent for my Debut or Self-Publish It? (Bonus! How To Be an Anti-Racist)

Ep. 185

Ep. 185: Should I Look for an Agent for my Debut or Self-Publish It? (Bonus! How To Be an Anti-Racist)

Rachael answers Tuomas's question about what to do when you want to be a hybrid author, with a foot in both camps - trad- and self-publishing.

Also - if you're white, what you can do to be anti-racist AS A WRITER! This goes beyond allyship (centering BIPOC voices) and activism (protesting, donating to BIPOC-led organizations) Anti-racism is the act of opposing ALL white supremacy including the racism inside you and within the system you live in.

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Ellen Joy is an Amazon Best Selling author. She lives in a small New England town, between the Atlantic Ocean and the White Mountains. She lives with her husband, two sons, and one very spoiled puppy.  Ellen writes in the early morning hours while the rest of her family is asleep. When she's not writing, you can find her spending time with her family, gardening, or headed to the beach. She loves summer and flip-flops, running on a dirt country road, and a sweet love song. All of her stories are clean romances where families are close, neighbors are nosy, and the couples are destined for each other.How Do You Write Podcast: Explore the processes of working writers with bestselling author Rachael Herron. Want tips on how to write the book you long to finish? Here you'll gain insight from other writers on how to get in the chair, tricks to stay in it, and inspiration to get your own words flowing. Join Rachael's Slack channel, Onward Writers: can be YOUR mini-coach, and she’ll answer all your questions on the show! Join my scribe of writers for LOTS more tips and get access to my 7-minute video that will tell you if you're writing the right book! Only for my writing community! CLICK HERE:➡️ How to Know If You’re Writing the Right Book -