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Ep. 168: Tommy Arnold and Micah Epstein on the Fascinating Similarities Between Visual Artists and Writers

Ep. 168

TOMMY ARNOLD: Tommy Arnold is a digital illustrator whose work showcases the athleticism, prowess, and power of the human figure in fantastic and futuristic settings. He doesn’t believe in talent and has spent a lot of time exploring the mental landscape that artists inhabit while they draw and paint, in order to better understand what’s possible and pass it on. His work has been featured in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Communication Arts, American Illustration, and at the Society of Illustrators.

MICAH EPSTEIN: Micah Epstein is an illustrator working in fantasy and science fiction. After a childhood spent watching too many cartoons and reading too many comics, it's unsurprising that drawing is the way he can most meaningfully interface with the stories, worlds, and subjects that he loves. Balancing a methodical & scientific approach to illustration with that same energy and joy he felt as a kid, Micah's work explores feelings of mystery, stoicism, and majesty in its subjects.

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